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I'm getting an exception:


And a debug output:

"args"=>[[{"message"=>"ReferenceError: Can't find variable: Audio"

Here's what I found when researching the error:

This issue is due to sencha 2.0 using phantomjs in order to resolve dependencies. Phantomjs does not support the HTML5 Audio API.

Question is: How do I ignore javascript errors for javascript Audio type when using capybara/poltergeist ?

I tried

visit "/"
page.execute_script "var Audio= function(){ return { load: function(){}, play: function(){} } }"

But error is thrown at the visit method.

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Phantomjs doesn't support Audio as specified in the git documentation here

I had the same problem and also tried to follow your approach using the code like the one you described, but without using var so it will be defined globally.

page.execute_script "Audio= function(){ return { load: function(){}, play: function(){} } }"

I tested it with the inspector page.driver.debug and it was defining Audio in phantomjs correctly, the problem then was that, it wasn't being executed before it was needed.

Therefore, my approach was to add a check to verify Audio is defined before actually using it with a function in my actual code. This is an example of the function I have:

getAudioObject = function(file_path){
  if (typeof Audio !== "undefined" && Audio !== null) {
    audioObj = new Audio(file_path);
    audioObj.loop = true;
    return audioObj;

That was my solution and it worked for me. I hope that this will help you too.

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I remember doing something similar. Instead of putting my Audio code into an if, I defined an empty Audio globally in my code if the browser doesn't define it. But yours is a perfectly legit answer. Thanks –  nurettin May 9 '13 at 5:57
Thanks. This helped out quite a bit. –  Trip Aug 9 '13 at 23:06

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