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When I --watch a directory containing coffeescript files, everything is caught- new files, immediate changes, but when I watch a handlebars directory it doesn't watch it. Am I right in thinking --watch is only available to coffee?

My Cakefile looks something like this:

{spawn} = require "child_process"
fs = require "fs"
handlebars = require "handlebars"

task 'watch', -> 
  spawn 'coffee', ['-cwj', 'js/libs/app.js', 'src/coffee']
  spawn 'handlebars', ['-wf', 'js/libs/templates.js', 'tmpl']

How can I watch a custom directory using a Cakefile?

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Yes, --watch doesn't seem to be implemented by handlebars. You can use node's to hack up your own watcher. Here's how Coffeescript uses it to implement its own watch functionality.

Personally, I like using Guard for watching files, even if I'm working on a non-Ruby project. It's easier to set up than

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Brilliant, didn't even occur to me to use guard, thanks – Darcbar Nov 18 '12 at 10:08

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