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I know how to remove elements from an array if i know what they are.

The "client" in this array is an string input by the user. I want to remove the first 2 words, but I don't know what they'll be. Its always different.

string[] words = Receipt.Split(' ',',','-');


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If you always want to remove the first two, LINQ probably provides the simplest approach:

string allButFirstTwoWords = words.Skip(2).ToArray(); // Or ToList, or nothing...

Note that you can't "remove" values from the array itself, as an array always has a fixed size after creation. The code above creates a new array with all but the first two words.

Of course, you can do it all in one go:

string[] words = Receipt.Split(' ', ',', '-').Skip(2).ToArray();

Personally I'd usually use a List<string> instead, as it's more flexible:

List<string> words = Receipt.Split(' ', ',', '-').Skip(2).ToList();

If you're just going to iterate over it, you don't need to convert it to an array or a list at all:

IEnumerable<string> words = Receipt.Split(' ', ',', '-').Skip(2);
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Thank you for the detailed answer – Rob Nov 17 '12 at 20:08
string[] words = Receipt.Split(' ',',','-').Skip(2).ToArray();
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