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Running on my MacBook

  • JSF2.0
  • Primefaces 3.4.2
  • Eclipse Juno
  • Glassfish

When I run this code;

<h:outputText value="SMSC:" />

<p:selectCheckboxMenu id="graphsmscnames"
value="#{reportBean.selectedSmsclist}" label="SMSC" filter="true"
filterText="Filter" filterMatchMode="startsWith"

<f:selectItems value="#{reportBean.smsclist}" />


<p:message for="graphsmscnames" />

<p:commandButton id="graphgenreport" value="Generate"
update=":reportpanel" action="#{reportBean.test}" />


and code in managedBean (with getters/setters for smsclist variable and selectedSmscList)

Map<String, String> smsclist;
private List<String> selectedSmsclist;

public constructure(){
smsclist=new HashMap<String,String>();

public void test(){

Even when multiple/single items are selected from UI - it doesnt reflect inside my managedBean when commandButton is pressed. selectedSmscList List size is still zero.

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What is the scope of your managed bean? The wrong scope will guarantee that your selectedSmcList will always be initialized to empty. Use @ViewScoped to be safe. Hint: it's unnecessary to override the constructor of your managed bean, use a @PostConstruct annotation on a method that will do the same job instead. – kolossus Nov 18 '12 at 17:14
Its ViewScoped - really appreciate PostConstruct suggestion. It turns out that if I used multiple p:selectCheckboxMenu inside a single form, only one works and the other doesnt. So I worked out the UI to live with this for now because of time constraint. Appreciate your help. – hammad Nov 20 '12 at 0:02

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