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Is there a way to retrieve the time zone choices in Windows Mobile in order to display them in a GUI? It would be much better not to have to show every 15 minutes just to be able to display GMT+5:45 for Kathmandu.

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As per MSDN:City List and Time Zone Data Files,

You can add or remove content to these files. You can redistribute these files as is or repackage this data by including it in source code, a database, or another format. You are permitted to use excerpts of this data rather than the entire data set.

Note   Microsoft bears no responsibility for the content or
usage of these files. Certain locales have specific legal requirements with
regard to providing data of this type; ensure you are in compliance with such

If you use the city data provided or if you use any type of geographical information from any source, you are encouraged to provide a way for users to edit, add, and delete information.

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Windows Mobile stores timezone info in a file called Timezones.csv

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Timezones.csv & CityList.csv files are provided in the \Resource folder of the Windows Mobile SDK!

You could modify the list and decide the ones which you want to show to the user.

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