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I have the following temp.XML document:

<?xml version="1.0" encoding="UTF-8"?>
<services_api_response version="2.0">
  <service id="82dadd66a5048cc85ed0b8da1d835f2a">
      <country code="BA" vat="17.00" approved="true" name="Bosnia and Herzegovina">
          <price vat_included="false" currency="BAM" all_operators="true" amount="2.00">
            <message_profile shortcode="091810700" all_operators="true" keyword="TXT ABC">
              <operator code="BH Mobile" billing_type="MO" revenue="0.84" default_billing_status="OK" name="BH Mobile"/>
              <operator code="HT-ERONET" billing_type="MO" revenue="0.84" default_billing_status="OK" name="HT-ERONET"/>
              <operator code="M:tel" billing_type="MT" revenue="0.84" default_billing_status="Failed" name="M:tel"/>
          <local>Cena: 2,00 BAM + PDV
Podr&#353;ka: 000000000| Mobilna Naplata:</local>
          <english>Price: 2.00 BAM + VAT
Support: 000000000|
Mobile Payment by</english>

and the PHP File:

$obj = simplexml_load_file('temp.xml');

echo '---> '.$obj -> countries[0] -> promotional_text[0] -> local[0];

But I get nothing.

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echo '---> ' . $obj->service[0]
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You forgot a couple of nodes:

echo '---> '.$obj -> service[0] -> countries[0] -> country[0] -> promotional_text[0] -> local[0];
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echo (string) $obj->service[0]->countries[0]->country[0]->promotional_text[0]->local[0];


Cena: 2,00 BAM + PDV

Podrška: 000000000| Mobilna Naplata:

Codepad demo here

Keep in mind it's good practice to cast to a string when echoing a SimpleXML value because you are targeting an object.

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You could use xpath, like this:

$xml = simplexml_load_file('/tmp/temp.xml');
$local = $xml->xpath('//countries/country/promotional_text/local');

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