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Is there an easy way to have R record all input and output from your R session to disk while you are working with R interactively? In on Mac OS X I can do a 'File->Save...', but it isn't much help in recovering the commands I had entered when R crashes.

I have tried using sink(...,split=T) but it doesn't seem to do exactly what I am looking for.

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Many of us use ESS / Emacs for this very reason. Saving old sessions with extension '.Rt' even gives you mode-specific commands for re-running parts of your session.

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Greg Snow wrote recently on the R-help list (a very valuable resource, SO R people!):

"You may also want to look at ?TeachingDemos::txtStart as an alternative to sink, one advantage is that the commands as well as the output can be included. With a little more work you can also include graphical output into a transcript file."


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Check out the savehistory() command

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afaik savehistory does not save the output of the session, as desired by the Eytan. – Eduardo Leoni Aug 28 '09 at 0:21
it saves the input and it does not depend on the editor one uses – miracle173 Apr 12 at 7:43

I'm not sure yet how to answer an answer, but there is an updated version of Ranke's vim r-plugin called r-plugin2 available here. It seems more user-friendly and robust than the original.

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Emacs is good, but for those of us with a vi preference there's the vim-r plugin at:

It works brilliantly and has a tiny memory footprint.

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