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I am using JBoss 7 with the default Hibernate JPA engine in an EJB3 / JSF project.

The javadoc on EntityManager::getDelegate reads: "Return the underlying provider object for the EntityManager, if available.".

Out of curiosity I tried the following code:

public class AFacade {
    EntityManager em;

    public List<A> findAll() {"underlying entity manager is: "+em.getDelegate().getClass().getSimpleName());

The output however indicates the classname as: org.hibernate.internal.SessionImpl which, according to hibernate documentation is a Session implementation.

What am I missing here ?

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JPA is just a specification for ORM; there are some implementations for this specification/API the most known being Hibernate, EclipseLink, OpenJPA.

This means that the EntityManager is just an adapter to a class from the implementation library. In your case it is org.hibernate.internal.SessionImpl since you use Hibernate as a JPA implementation - this is the class that manages the code you give to the EntityManager.

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Yeap, the JBoss Hibernate reference ( reads "This interface (i.e. the EntityManager) is similar to the Session in Hibernate". It just struck me as weird that it should be named 'session'. – Marcus Junius Brutus Nov 17 '12 at 21:24

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