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I am using Emacs and just built AUCTeX for LaTeX. Anyway, as I was using column-marker extension while writing in LaTeX without AUCTeX, it is not working anymore with it. I was looking over the internet but couldn't find any help. Is there an elisp code line that allows to use column-marker on AUCTeX?

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It's been about a year since you asked, and there has been no answer. I suggest you send your question to the AUCTex mailing list: – Drew Oct 19 '13 at 2:38

It works for me in emacs 24.3.1 with the built-in auctex and column-marker.el Update #: 312.

Here you have got an example (right window):

The deviation from the straight line comes from the different fonts/font sizes used for the caret and exponent, for the section titles and so on. Inspite of that column-marker shows one the column with the specific character distance from the beginning of line.

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