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How can add value to the hidden input filed? In this case input is being created as variable, and latter on inserted into the DOM if needed. The code:

    var forma = $('form#mali_oglas'),
    pomoc = $('div[role=pomoc]'),
    div = $('.mali_oglas_pomoc'),
    input = forma.find('input, textarea'),
    code = forma.find('#code')
    time_input = '<input type="hidden" name="time" />',
    paid_input = '<input type="hidden" name="paid" value="1" />';


    input.on('click', function(e){
        var name = $(':input:focus').attr("name");
        pomoc.fadeOut('slow').promise().done( function(){
         div.find("[data-pomoc='" + name + "']").fadeIn('slow');

    code.on('focusout', function(){
        var url = '<?php echo base_url() ?>global_info/gi_get_payment_code',
        kod = $(this).val();
if ($('input[name=paid]').length != 1)
        $.post(url, {code : kod}, function(data){
            code.after(time_input.val(data) + paid_input)
            .css({'border' : '1px solid rgba(34,139,34,.5)'});

    code.ajaxError(function() {
  $(this).after('<p class=mali_oglas_greska>Uneti kod je pogresan.</p>').css({'border' : '1px solid rgba(255,0,0,.5)'});
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You are trying to use a jQuery method on a variable that is simply an html string

You can convert the variable to a jQuery object element wrapping it in $()

You can't concatenate the 2 inputs once one is an object so you would need to reverse the insertion

code.after( paid_input).after( $(time_input).val(data) )
/* should place "time_input" before "paid_input"
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It is working like a charm. Thank you for your help :) –  Sasha Nov 18 '12 at 15:22

You are calling the val method for a string, you should first create a jQuery object, change:




Note that you cannot concatenate an object with a string, you should call the after method 2 times or use add method.

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time_input and paid_input are strings not jQuery objects, try this instead

time_input = $('<input type="hidden" name="time" />'),
paid_input = $('<input type="hidden" name="paid" value="1" />');
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