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I'm really sorry for what must be a really stupid question. I don't exactly have formal training in java and a lot of times, when looking through code, I might see something like:

(  ) ?   : 

as in something like:

for (str == null) ? getString(this) : dontGetit(nope.this);

honestly i don't even know exactly it is or if it's remotely close, but hopefully one could recognize the scheme. I was hoping one could perhaps link some documentation on this because i have trouble even searching for it.

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It is ternary operator in Java. Read here : http://www.janeg.ca/scjp/oper/ternary.html

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very useful looking site. –  mango Nov 17 '12 at 21:55
@mango I'm glad that my answer was useful for you. –  Juvanis Nov 17 '12 at 21:57

it an ternary operator used to evaluate boolean expressions. It is equivalent to if-else statement.


   variable_name= (boolean expression) ? value to assign if true : value to assign if false

using terenary operator:

    boolean isHappy = true;
    String mood = (isHappy == true)?"I'm Happy!":"I'm Sad!";

using if-else:

 if(isHappy) {
     mood="I'm Happy";
  else {
     mood = "I'm, Sad!";
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this is conditional or ternary operator in java

( a ) ? b  : c;

if a is true b will be executed or run

if a is false c will be executed or run

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It's the ternary operator . It's good in sets, and a shortcut for iteration

java ternary operator

Here's an easy ex.:

boolean isObese = true;

 String mood = (isObese == true)?"I need to quit fast-food!":"I'm healthy!";


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It's called ternary operator, it can be allocated to a variable and it is equivalent of an if-then-else statement.

Have a look at this tutorial and pay attention on something that hasn't been underlined enough by the other answers: the fact that the ternary operator is an expression that can be allocated to a variable or can be returned directly by a method. It has a functional feel into it.

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