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I have the guestbook app running on localhost and on ceemee11111.appspot.com, however when I try to run remote-api from python some modules are not found. I want to have the same modules available for running from python as from google.

So I have installed the pip app and tried to run

$ pip freeze -E [env1] > requirements.txt

in the google /lib and get 'access denied' error. If someone has experience with this I would appreciate some help. From what I have read I run the

$ pip freeze -E [env1] > requirements.txt

in the google /lib directory and then run

$ pip install -E [env2] -r /path/to/requirements.txt

in the python /lib directory.

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you don't have write access in /lib, so you can't redirect output to a file there. also pip tells me it doesn't have an -E option. – mata Nov 17 '12 at 22:20
I copied the commands from the previous question..."how to copy modules from one virtualenv to another" all I want to do is make the tutorial work for the remote-api Using the Remote API Shell To use modules defined by your application you will need to run the Remote API shell from your application's directory. From the application directory, execute: $GAE_SDK_ROOT/remote_api_shell.py -s your_app_id.appspot.com >>>> import helloworld >>> entries = helloworld.Greeting.all().order("-date").fetch(10) – dan_ras Nov 17 '12 at 23:48

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