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I have two array's which contain a selection of strings with information taken from a text file. I then use a For Loop to loop through both arrays and print out the strings together, which happen to create a folder destination and file name.

Get-Content .\PostBackupCheck-TextFile.txt | ForEach-Object { $a = $_ -split ' ' ; $locationArray += "$($a[0]):\$($a[1])\" ; $imageArray += "$($a[2])_$($a[3])_VOL_b00$($a[4])_i000.spi" }

The above takes a text file, splits it into separate parts, stores some into the locationArray and other information in the imageArray, like this:

locationArray[0] would be L:\Place\

imageArray[0] would be SERVERNAME_C_VOL_b001_i005.spi

Then I run a For Loop:

for ($i=0; $i -le $imageArray.Length - 1; $i++) 
    {Write-Host $locationArray[$i]$imageArray[$i]}

But it places a space between the L:\Place\ and the SERVERNAME_C_VOL_b001_i005.spi

So it becomes: L:\Place\ SERVERNAME_C_VOL_b001_i005.spi

Instead, it should be: L:\Place\SERVERNAME_C_VOL_b001_i005.spi

How can I fix it?

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Option #1 - for best readability:

{Write-Host ("{0}{1}" -f $locationArray[$i], $imageArray[$i]) }

Option #2 - slightly confusing, less readable:

{Write-Host "$($locationArray[$i])$($imageArray[$i])" }

Option #3 - more readable than #2, but more lines:

  $location = $locationArray[$i];
  $image = $imageArray[$i];
  Write-Host "$location$image";
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This works perfectly ! I'm fairly new to Powershell though, what exactly does that do? – PnP Nov 17 '12 at 22:24
@TheD: -f is a Powershell way to do String.Format. You can put some static text in between {0} and {1} and it's very readable. Option #2 is to escape your variables, for this you need many dollar signs, and it's harder to read and comprehend. – Neolisk Nov 17 '12 at 22:27
Aha, Fantastic! Thank you! – PnP Nov 17 '12 at 22:29
@TheD: no problem, also check option #3 I just added. :) – Neolisk Nov 17 '12 at 22:31
@BaconBits I'm never been frustrated... I'm a lucky sysadmin with a good .net background :). But yes -f is hard to find in help and in google too. Anyway for future comments's readers you can read about -f doing get-help about_Operators. – CB. Nov 17 '12 at 23:06

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