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We have a large project and executing all our unit tests takes a lot of time. We are also using Ant. What strategies could be used to execute only a subset of our tests using Ant? We have our tests in groups of logical java packages, so that could be of help...

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You should use batchtest tag of the junit ant task. Check here : http://ant.apache.org/manual/Tasks/junit.html

A simplified example from that link is given below:

<junit printsummary="yes" haltonfailure="yes">
    <pathelement location="${build.tests}"/>
    <pathelement path="${java.class.path}"/>

  <formatter type="plain"/>

  <batchtest fork="yes" todir="${reports.tests}">
    <fileset dir="${src.tests}">
      <include name="**/*Test*.java"/>
      <exclude name="**/AllTests.java"/>
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Hi. I am actually currently using the batchtest tag, and including some tests and excluding others. However, this means that to createdifferent test profiles, I would need to create many different ant targets? Andthat doesnt sound like therightway to do this... –  user1340582 Nov 18 '12 at 7:49

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