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I have a typedef'ed structure declared in a file. I have a pointer to it and want to use it in multiple files as a global variable. Can someone point out what I am doing wrong?


typedef struct
  bool                  connected;
  char                  name[20];

extern vehicle *myVehicle;


#include "fileA.h"
void myFunction(){
    myVehicle = malloc(sizeof(vehicle));
    myVehicle->connected = FALSE;


#include "fileA.h"
void anotherFunction(){
   strcpy(myVehicle->name, "this is my car");

The error I get is:

Undefined external "myVehicle" referred to in fileA

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This is a declaration:

extern vehicle *myVehicle; /* extern makes this a declaration,
                              and tells the compiler there is
                              a definition elsewhere. */

Add a definition:

vehicle *myVehicle;

to exactly one .c file.

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That worked. I could have sworn I tried that before and got a stack overflow. But perhaps I goofed. Thanks hmjd! – Jonathan Nov 17 '12 at 23:19

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