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I want to copy data from one server to another and not sure how to do that (I already have the right tables, created using Script Table As > Create To > New Query).




exec sp_addlinkedserver @server = ''
SELECT * FROM [].[dbo].[myTableName]

Is IP address (and of-course username & password..) enough ?

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create a linked server and then use OPENQUERY: msdn.microsoft.com/library/ms188427.aspx – fnurglewitz Nov 17 '12 at 23:21
This question may be better suited for dba.stackexchange.com – kingdango Nov 17 '12 at 23:28
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Addition new linkedserver & mapping between a login
EXEC sp_addlinkedserver
  @server = 'your_LServer',
  @srvproduct= '',
  @provider = 'SQLNCLI',
  @datasrc= '\'

EXEC sp_addlinkedsrvlogin
  @rmtsrvname = 'your_LServer',
  @useself = 'FALSE',
  @locallogin = 'locallogin',
  @rmtuser = 'remotelogin', 
  @rmtpassword = 'remotepassword'

Query againsts on linked server

SELECT * FROM your_LServer.dbo.myTableName
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If it's a one time, i would do go with just executing the query with data on a remote server or Linked Servers option.If it's not one time and we have to do updates in future, then we create a 'Replication' or there's a third party tool Redgate's SQL Data Compare.

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