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Some root object has field MyCollection myCollection. The class MyCollection implements Collection interface. The names of elements are available by calling someService().getName() that's why I created Rules class.

context.getValue("/myCollection"); returns myCollection - OK

context.getValue("//myCollection"); returns myCollection - OK

context.getValue("/myCollection/.[rules:getName() = 'secondName']"); returns the instance of IMyNode which someService().getName() returns "secondName" - OK

After line context.getValue("/myCollection//.[rules:getName() = 'secondName']"); the next lines are NOT executed. Also no exception, and lenient mode is not set. I do not understand what is going on. Line 8. of Rules class prints "POINTER SET ON /myCollection[1]". The element which I want to get in this example is in /myCollection[2].

This is the where the name of element is get. I think that this class is correct.

public class Rules {
public static String getName(ExpressionContext context){
   Pointer pointer = context.getContextNodePointer();
    if(pointer == null){
        return "";
    } else {
        if(pointer.getValue() instanceof IMyNode){
        System.out.println("POINTER SET ON " + pointer);
            IMyNode node = (IMyNode)pointer.getValue();
           return node.someService().getName();
   return "";

EDIT: This question is about JXPath. I was wrong with adding tag xpath instead of jxpath.

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You forgot to give us something important: a sample source XML document. – Dimitre Novatchev Nov 18 '12 at 3:44

Try to use * instead of .. Also I think you can use standard XPath function local-name() instead of rules:getName().

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"/myCollection/*[rules:getName() = 'secondName']" causes org.apache.commons.jxpath.JXPathNotFoundException: No value for xpath: /myCollection/*[rules:getName() = 'secondName']. With // operator, it still hangs. I can not use local-name() because as I wrote, the name of node is available by calling node.someService().getName(). This is the tree structure of some complex objects. I'm not sure, but maybe this is important. MyCollection apart from this that it is a collection, also has many different others attributes. – LancerX Nov 18 '12 at 10:09

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