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I have a number that could potentially go on forever, like ~0.999999...

See this:

while (myNumber / 25 > 0.999999)
   // do stuff

How can I represent that number in Objective-C properly?

Or maybe I am doing this while loop incorrectly and someone can tell me how to fix it? I'm trying to see if myNumber can be divided by 25 at least once... so even 26/25 would pass (mod % wouldn't work in this case).

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Fortunately for you, this repeating decimal has an exact representation in floating point arithmetic (you don't have to round):

while (myNumber / 25 > 1)
    // do stuff

This is because "0.999999..." and "1" are just different ways of writing the same number. They are not different numbers.

Or perhaps you want to do this:

while (myNumber / 25 >= 1)

If myNumber is a non-negative integer, then this is actually the same as:

while (myNumber / 25) // nonzero values are "true"

Or, you can translate it to the equivalent:

while (myNumber >= 25) // no need to divide
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while (myNumber >= 25) is correct. I just wasn't thinking today. Thank you. –  Ethan Allen Nov 18 '12 at 0:15

If myNumber is greater than or equal to 25, then it can be divided by 25 at least once.

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