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I'm consuming a JSON API, which returns dates, such as the following: 2012-11-13T17:32Z. What's the correct value for a formatString for an associated NSDateFormatter instance?


I tried @"yyyy-MM-dd'T'hh':'mm'Z'".

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This looks like an RFC date format... I don't have much experience with ObjC but I would imagine there to be a RFC date formatting utility... –  Joe Nov 18 '12 at 0:32
It is indeed an RFC date. Interesting point about the utility. If you're talking about a Mac utility for generating formatting strings from date strings, there's none that I know of. Not a bad idea... –  Moshe Nov 18 '12 at 0:38

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You don't need the quotes around the colon, and you should be using capital H's for the hours.

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