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I am trying to use this function from a COM API which enables the window to receive drops (as in drag & dop) from another application.

It is pretty straightforward in Windows Forms and works:

public void EnableDropSupport(System.Windows.Forms.Form form)
   IntPtr hwnd = form.Handle;

But I have a WPF window where it does not work and I don't understand why. I have tried the following:

public void EnableDropSupport(System.Windows.Window window)
   window.AllowDrop = true;
   WindowInteropHelper windowInteropHelper = new WindowInteropHelper(window);
   IntPtr hwnd = windowInteropHelper.Handle;

The last two lines are basically identical but it will just not work in WPF. While

window.AllowDrop = true;

will make it appear as if it will accept the drop, the drop event of that COM API is not raised.

Am I missing something or can someone help?

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Why do you even need any kind of special COM function there? You should be able to handle all DnD scenarios with AllowDrop and the associated WPF DnD events. – Pavel Minaev Aug 27 '09 at 20:59
Also, it is not clear what exactly RegisterDropWindow is actually doing. There isn't anything wrong with your code so far as I can see, but it may be that RegisterDropWindow code is somehow WinForms-specific, or at least not WPF-friendly. – Pavel Minaev Aug 27 '09 at 21:00
RegisterDropWindow somehow enables drag & drop on the window. I cannot use WPF's drag & drop events since I need to respond to the drop event from the COM API. I hope it is not WinForms specific, that's why I wanted to know whether I am doing something wrong. – user65199 Aug 27 '09 at 21:05
You're not missing anything on WPF side of things. Most likely the problem is with RegisterDropWindow. – Pavel Minaev Aug 27 '09 at 21:32
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This is Pavel Minaev's answer (which he posted as a comment to the question) which was correct:

You're not missing anything on WPF side of things. Most likely the problem is with RegisterDropWindow.

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