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I am trying to read tsv data using d3. However, my data has comment lines as follows

#Comment line
@Different comment line
x    y
1    2
4    2
5    1

Is it possible to get d3 to ignore those lines?


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D3 has no built-in way to ignore comment lines. Your easiest option is going to be to pre-process the file before parsing with D3:

d3.text(url, 'text/csv', function(csv) {
    // remove comment rows with regex - not fully tested, but should work
    csv = csv.replace(/^[#@][^\r\n]+[\r\n]+/mg, '');
    var data = d3.csv.parse(csv);

    // ... now the rest of your code ...
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Exactly what I was looking for! I found out you can do something similar with Jquery using $.get(url) to get the data, split it by \n then process each line – by0 Nov 18 '12 at 8:28
There is one parenthesis that must be suppressed after the replace word but stackoverflow doesn't let me do it as it has a threshold of 6 characters change minimum. Thanks ! – gerardnico Apr 6 at 16:01
@gerardnico Fixed, thanks! – nrabinowitz Apr 6 at 21:21

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