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Using Phonegap / Cordova 2.2 with its media API to load loops for playback in my App. (

Working fine, but I would like to be able the change the relative levels of each sound programmatically. Does anyone know if this is possible?

The only option I can see is avoiding the Native Phonegap solution and using Web Audio /html5 but that would limit the apps to ios6 devices only.

PS. I'm also aware of the volume slider plugin for IOS, but need a solution that only affects single sounds.

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From Cordova 2.0 onwards (as I found out) there is a way to change the sound volume programmatically. Undocumented but goes something like this (where x = 0 through to 1)


Note that it only effects the volume of a sound before it has started to play. It wont change the volume of a sound already playing ( I have submitted a feature request)

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did your feature request ever get implemented? – Leo Jan 14 '15 at 19:37

You may want to check out the Low Latency Audio Plugin. Some folks have down pull requests against it to support setting the volume. Check the comments of:

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