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I've the Code as below for a Quiz Program, for which I'm in need of adding a time limit. Right now, the code performs the quiz score based on time used. But I want it to exit in 5 minutes exactly from the time when the program started.

Header used


Initialized values as follows

time_t initialtime,finaltime;

I start the time count before the quiz starts using this code


When the program ends, I get the time by this code


Now, How do I end the program before the final time reaches 10 minutes ? What code should I use in the Main function ?

PS: I can post the full code if required.

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Simplest answer: write a loop that checks if the current time - initialtime > 10 minutes. Almost all timed applications will have to do something like this on some level. –  Miguel Nov 18 '12 at 1:32
Yes. That's obvious. But here, I need to keep the user knowing the time left. Something like ticking. thanks the response. Hope to have the same for this one too. –  SathyaWP Nov 18 '12 at 1:38

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Something roughly as follows:

int main()
    time_t initial_time = time(NULL);
    float time_limit = 600.0f;

    while ( (time(NULL) - initial_time) < time_limit )
        // ... do stuff

    // clean up etc.

That will loop until the particular duration has passed.

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You have two options- 1. During the process/program, keep checking if the time taken has reached 10 minutes or not. This is quite easy. 2. Start the program as a simple timer, which automatically quits at the end of 10 min. Now in this program, before the timer starts, start your required operation as a separate thread. This is more accurate.

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There are a lot of ways to do this:

  • write a loop that checks if the 10 minutes is up on every iteration
  • spawn a thread that sleeps for 10 minutes, then ends the program
  • implement an alarm that signals after 10 minutes

See also:

What's nice about Stack Overflow is you can search for "C Timeout", and also "function timeout c" on Google gives good results

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that's great. thanks for your help :) thanks for the time you've put in to format these results. I highly appreciate that. –  SathyaWP Nov 18 '12 at 2:19

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