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I'm trying to launch a JavaFx application from within a JavaFx application, but it looks like Application.launch() can only be called once. Does this mean I have to start a separate JVM... as in exec("java... or is there another way?

More background info. I want my JavaFx app to be able to build and run JavaFx apps. Right now it compiles classes in-memory, loads the classes... it would be really unfortunate to have to resort to writing everything to the filesystem so I can get a jar on the filesystem, so I can use exec to start it up.

As a secondary question... Is there a way to open another JavaFx window and get the stage and pass it to my newly compiled and loaded Application sub-class?

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I just had a thought... no time to test at the moment. Could I create another class loader, load the java fx classes and mine, then call Application.launch() again? – Stinky Nov 18 '12 at 1:48

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If you want to execute another JavaFX application in the same JVM you can just create instance of it, manually create Stage and call Application#start()

public void runAnotherApp(Class<? extends Application> anotherAppClass) throws Exception {
    Application app2 = anotherAppClass.newInstance(); 
    Stage anotherStage = new Stage();

N.B.: it wouldn't work if you use special features of standard initialization in anotherApp, e.g. Application.init() or Application.getParameters()

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Please, see question… as it's about your solution. – user2022068 May 25 at 20:10

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