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I have following complex method which I cut off from controller:

def self.create_with_company_and_employer(job_params)
  company_attributes = job_params.delete(:company_attributes)
  employer_attributes = job_params.delete(:employer_attributes)

  new(job_params) do |job|
    job.employer = Employer.find_or_create_by_email(employer_attributes)
    company_attributes[:admin_id] = job.employer.id if Company.find_by_nip(company_attributes[:nip]).nil?
    job.company = Company.find_or_create_by_nip(company_attributes)
    Employment.create(employer_id: job.employer.id, company_id: job.company.id)

I using here two nested_attributes functionality for create company and employer.

Whole code you can find here: https://gist.github.com/2c3b52c35df763b6d9b4

company_attributes[:admin_id] = job.employer.id if Company.find_by_nip(company_attributes[:nip]).nil?
Employment.create(employer_id: job.employer.id, company_id: job.company.id)

Basically I would like to refactor that two lines:

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I looked at your gist and i think this is a design issue.

  • your Employment and Job models seem somewhat redundant, but i don't know what are their actual purpose exactly so i can't really help for now on this matter (i have a hunch that your schema could be remodeled with the employements belonging to the jobs). However, if you really want to, you can use an after_create callback to manage the replication :

    class Job < ActiveRecord::Base
      after_create :create_corresponding_employment
      def create_corresponding_employment
        Employment.create( employer_id: employer.id, company_id: company.id )

    this gets you rid of the last line of your method.

  • the other line you want to get rid of is tricky : you assign an admin_id to your company, but why would you want to do that ? In fact, you're just creating a 'hidden' relation between Company and Employer (a belongs_to one). Why do you need that ? Give more information and i can help.
  • one more thing: it is not advised to delete keys form the params, or even modify the hash directly. Use a copy.
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Thanks, for your help. So regarding admin_id First Employer who creating Company from jobs#new form should became Administrator of that Company. – regedarek Nov 18 '12 at 15:34

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