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I have a table with books, there can be multiple copies of each book and I want to give each copy a copy number.

BOOK(book_pk, book_name, book_copy);

Basically each book_pk will be unique, but if there are two rows with the same book_name, one book_copy should be set to 1, and the other set to 2.

1, AAA, 1
2, BBB, 1
3, AAA, 2
4, CCC, 1
5, BBB, 2

So I want to auto-increment the primary key and keep track of the copyNumber as I insert new tuples of the same book_name.

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MyISAM will do exactly what you want. The Innodb engine unfortunately does not have support for this. –  ProfileTwist Dec 29 '12 at 21:49

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The short version is that in MySQL it can't be done directly from the database. Perhaps this is best described with two tables. A Book table and a BookCopy table. The Book table can have an auto increment just as you have. The BookCopy table also has an auto increment but references back to the Book table. This way you can have a Book for which you have no copies, and you can't have a BookCopy for an unindetified Book.

Book Table
Book(book_pk (auto increment), book_name, ...)

BookCopy Table
BookCopy(book_copy_pk (auto increment), book_pk (foreign key), ...)
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Thank you for the suggestion. The thing is I would like to keep the primary key of the BookCopy autoincremental. I already have a Book table as you suggested and a BookCopy table, which is the table in my OP. –  user1795609 Nov 18 '12 at 2:38


INSERT INTO Book (book_name, book_copy) 
    (SELECT copy FROM ( SELECT IFNULL(MAX(book_copy),0)+1 as copy FROM Book) AS d)
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