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I am making a game with Java, and decided to add a pause feature. Obviously the only way is to use thread. But I have a check-box that needs to be unchecked for the game to play.

Though with a thread sleeping for infinity, how can you uncheck the check box?

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People cannot answer this question effectively if you do not have some code. Please consider this as guideline for posting questions… – Ankit Nov 18 '12 at 2:47
Use a Timer & call timer.stop() on pause (call game.repaint() when running). Details at link. – Andrew Thompson Nov 18 '12 at 2:52
"Obviously the only way is to use thread." Painting in Swing should only be done in one Thread - the Event Dispatch Thread. Using a Swing based Timer ensures that the game animation is done on the EDT. Any potentially long running tasks (file I/O, network access..) should be done off the EDT (in another Thread). – Andrew Thompson Nov 18 '12 at 2:59

Not sure if I understood your problem correctly. So I state my assumptions first:

You have a separate thread in which the game is running. You have a button/checkbox on your swing panel, and you want to interact with the other thread when it is clicked.

You can achieve this by using wait() and notify(). The checkbox actionListener() needs to interact with a common object which the Thread also monitors.

So if the thread is paused waiting to be resumed, it will do a wait() on this object. When the checkbox is ticked off and the actionListener is invoked it must do a notify() on this object. (You will need to put both the wait() and notify() in synchronized blocks)

The notify() method essentially informs the Thread to stop waiting.

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