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Is there a tool for C++ that can log function calls and what was passed?



Or anything somewhat like this to linearly see the flow of execution without having a Log call in every method of every class?

I use Visual Studio as an IDE, but any external tool or plugin that could do this would be great. Are there any?


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A more exotic solution could be to have a look a Aspect-Oriented Programming. One fundamental example is to log function call.

See this for C++ examples.

Edit : a small example from AspectC++ to trace a call from a member function (Iter::Reset in that case)

aspect Tracer
   advice call("% %Iter::Reset(...)") : before()
      cerr << "about to call Iter::Reset for " << JoinPoint::signature() << endl;
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You could set up breakpoints that automatically print a backtrace when the functions you're interested in are called with your debugger, or use a specialized tool like xtrace.

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this might be helpful: _penter hook

and here is an example:

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