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I have the following scope on my model. I created it so I could get a list of parent objects that have children that match the some_id_on_child value 123. This seems to return the right records.

scope :light, joins(:children).where(children: { some_id_on_child: 123 }).group('parents.id')

However, when I ask for the count/length/size instead of returning the number of records that were returned above, it returns the number of children that match the criteria per parent.


I end up with this kind of output..

12984 => 5
12398 => 5
12398 => 6
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The group bit is what is causing the result when you add count. Rails is doing some magic and converting size to count as well. If you don't mind returning all the results you could append .all.size and should do it. Or drop the group bit and add .distinct('parent_id').count.

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