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I am testing email sending for my controller specs, but the tests are not able to detect that an email is being sent. I can see it in the logs, but the tests are not able to see it. My suspicion is that the tests are being executed in a different thread than the email so the tests are not able to see it. Any ideas?


def update
  if @task.save!
    Emailer.send_task_email(@task.creator, :task_assigned, @task.project, @task).deliver

Controller Spec:

it 'emails the creator' do
  john = build(:user)
  task = create(:task, :creator => john, project: project)

  put :update, { :id => task.to_param }

  Emailer.should_receive(:send_task_email).with(task.creator, :task_assigned, task.project, task)
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Move your Emailer.should_receive line up above your put :update line. You need to tell it to expect that call before you invoke the action that will call it.

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Finally the following worked for me: let(:mail) { double("mail", :deliver => true) } and Emailer.should_receive(:send_task_email).with(task.creator, :task_assigned, task.project, task).and_return(mail) –  Pratik Khadloya Nov 19 '12 at 0:22

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