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I have a dataframe df which contains 2 columns: A , B.

I want to have one graph that contains A and B in the Y-axis. Note: I don't want to combine A and B. Each one of them has its own results.

So, the required output should contain for each single value of x-axis, two boxes ( one for A and one for B) beside each other(offset=0).

sample of df:

A      B

200.  30.        
100.  26.               
27.   25.       
25.   22.        
40.   21.       
20.   18. 

I don't want to use reshape or inteaction. I'd rather use ggplot only with boxplot.

ReadData<-read.csv("data.csv", header=T)



It's not working? it complained about mapping aes !!! Any suugestions?

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The data:

df <- read.table(text="A      B
200.  30.        
100.  26.               
27.   25.       
25.   22.        
40.   21.       
20.   18. ", header = TRUE)

The following code generates a barplot. It is not possible to generate a boxplot with one single value.


ggplot(stack(df), aes(x = rownames(df), y = values, fill = ind)) + 
  geom_bar(stat="identity", position="dodge")

enter image description here

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