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I have an MP4 video created by some third party software. I am not aware if the keyframes are at regular intervals or not. I have been successful in extracting a video frame corresponding to the 3rd minute (180 seconds * frames/s) with FFMPEG.

What I want to do is extract the "closest" keyframe to the third minute - since it is often the case that the frame that I extract with the currently successful code is NOT a keyframe and therefore blurry.

I know there is a way to extract all keyframes in FFMPEG, but is there a way to extract the keyframe closest to a particular time in a video?

Thanks very much!

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A variation of the above question is - if I have several frames (images), is there a way to programmatically identify which is a key frame? – Carlos F Nov 18 '12 at 4:51

You can use Avidemux to find the keyframes, also known as I-frames.

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