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Is it possible have vertex labels of variable font sizes. labelling certain nodes with a bigger font size than others

g1 <- erdos.renyi.game(20, 2/20)

Understand there is a vertex.label.cex option in igraph.plot but it is global.

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Yes it is possible. V(g)$label.cex is what you're after. See this blog post of mine for an example how: http://trinkerrstuff.wordpress.com/2012/06/30/igraph-and-sna-an-amateurs-dabbling/

May I suggest next post you provide a reproducible example and you'll likely get much better assistance.

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Yes you're right Tyler, my bad. Added an example to the question

And your solution would be something like this?

V(g1)$label.cex = 1
V(g1)$label.cex[1:20 %% 2 == 0] = 0.5

does this method apply to all vertex and edge attributes as well?

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