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any thoughts why the swing components in scala do not seem to be fully wrapped? For example, the "paintImmediately" function. Or "Update" (which I can't seem to override due to this).

An examination of the Scala source code compared to the scala API seems a little confusing.. (scala 2.9 source exert below). The API seems to suggest these other functions exist:


From what I can tell the SuperMixin trait is what opens up override calls to the peer component. Just a few seems defined. How might I override Update(Graphics g)? Is there a more fluent way of calling Panel.peer.paintImmediately(rect)?

I'm considering modding the Scala source to build a new Panel class to correct these issues for drawing.

abstract class Component extends UIElement { override lazy val peer: javax.swing.JComponent = new javax.swing.JComponent with SuperMixin {} var initP: JComponent = null

* This trait is used to redirect certain calls from the peer to the wrapper
* and back. Useful to expose methods that can be customized by overriding.
  protected trait SuperMixin extends JComponent {
    override def paintComponent(g: Graphics) {
    def __super__paintComponent(g: Graphics) {
    override def paintBorder(g: Graphics) {
    def __super__paintBorder(g: Graphics) {
    override def paintChildren(g: Graphics) {
    def __super__paintChildren(g: Graphics) {

    override def paint(g: Graphics) {
    def __super__paint(g: Graphics) {
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Most scala swing wrappers delegate to the corresponding wrapped peer component in the java library, and the operations are made available through implicit conversions.

I'll add some detail when I have some minutes to spare.

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Thanks! really the problem seems to be overriding certain methods.. while I can simply send call calls to the peer, overriding methods has proven a problem (because the peer is already instantiated). Perhaps there's a way I can override the entire peer object? –  LaloInDublin Nov 18 '12 at 17:58
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