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In PHP Page, to print array, we use print_r(); In jsp, to print string, out.print() is used. for example :

<?php print_r($_POST); ?>

was is equal in jsp??? How can we print array values in jsp?

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you can try

ObjectMapper mapper = new ObjectMapper();
 System.out.println( mapper.defaultPrettyPrintingWriter().writeValueAsString(myList) );

myList is your array varible .

or for post data try

Map<String, String[]> parameters = request.getParameterMap();
for(String parameter : parameters.keySet()) {
    if(parameter.toLowerCase().startsWith("your object name in html")) {
        String[] values = parameters.get(parameter);
        //your code here

and import java.util.Map

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Use a for loop

String[] colors = {"red", "green", "blue"};
   for (int i = 0; i < colors.length; i++) {
      out.print("<P>" + colors[i] + "</p>");
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You could to something like this :

    out.println(StringUtils.join(variable,"<br />");

If you actually want to print POST variables, follow this link :

Get all parameters from JSP page

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@todayslate gave a good answer, only that you have to know the length of the array for that. Now, of course that you can just check the length (by colors.length), but I find it more appealing to do:

String[] colors = {"red", "green", "blue"};
//suppose you have no idea how many colors are in the 
//array since you received it from another method or something
for (String color: colors) {
     out.print("<P>" + color + "</p>");
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