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I'm learning how to use lxml/BeautifulSoup and I was wondering how I can do this as convenient as possible. The source has this structure for its body:

<p class = "info">
    <!-- a bunch of other tags and text in each paragraph class -->
<p class = "filler1">
<p class = "filler2">
<p class = "filler2">
<p class = "repeat">
<p class = "repeat">
<p class = "descr">
<p class = "descr">
<p class = "descr">

At the moment I'm simply using

soup = BeautifulSoup(open('savedPage.html'))

to scrape all the text in the body. I was wondering if there's a quick, convenient way to: 1) scrape all the text that are in the paragraph classes after "filler2", and 2) avoid escape-sequences

Regarding 2), I know I can sort of bypass this problem by iterating with

for i in range(1,len(soup.body(text=True))+1):

which will interpret all the escape sequences. However, for 1), is there a way to scrape all text after the "filler2" class that still keeps the code simple? Don't want to traverse the whole tree or be writing regex.

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you can try something like this - Assuming that you're trying to get most of the text from the body.

data = urllib2.urlopen(link)
content = data.read()
# replace the script and style tags with html comments, so the bs4 just skips them
content = content.replace("<script", "<!--")
content = content.replace("</script>", "-->")
content = content.replace("<style", "<!--")
content = content.replace("</style>", "-->")
soup = BeautifulSoup(content, "lxml") # assuming you've imported lxml and bs4
comments = soup.findAll(text=lambda text:isinstance(text, Comment))
Comments = [comment.extract() for comment in comments] # remove the commenys
words = []
for i in soup.stripped_strings:
    print i
# i will print most of the text of the page line by line

well, this approach is not the most cleanest one. But it should work fine.

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Isn't there a better way to remove script and style elements? – pguardiario Nov 18 '12 at 11:55
well I found this the most easiest/effective way to remove script and style elements. – bkvirendra Nov 18 '12 at 12:02

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