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Say I have a string that contains a domain:

var domain = "http://google.com";

Each time the script runs, I would like to break this script into two parts at random.

So if I were to run it the first time, it could give me these results:

part 1: http://go
part 2: ogle.com

The second run would produce:

part 1: http://goog
part 2: le.com

at complete random each time.

How can I accomplish this?

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Generate a random number between 0 and the string length. Grab a substring from that.

(function () {

    "use strict";

    var domain, number, pieces;

    domain = "http://google.com";
    number = Math.ceil(Math.random() * (domain.length - 1));
    pieces = [domain.substring(number, -number), domain.substring(number)];



Demo: http://jsfiddle.net/KTPXt/

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Very helpful, thanks! – mike Nov 18 '12 at 7:58

Hey here's how I would do it.. maybe it would work for you as well.

        var domain = "http://google.com";

        var lengthOfdomain = domain.length;

        var post1 = Math.floor((Math.random()*lengthOfdomain)+1);

        var post2 = 0;

              post1 = lengthOfdomain/2;
              post2 = post1;
               post1 = (lengthOfdomain-1)/2;
               post2 = post1+1;
            post2 = lengthOfdomain-post1;

           var dom1 = domain.substr(0,post2);
           var dom2 = domain.substr(post2,post1);
           var dom1 = domain.substr(0,post1);
           var dom2 = domain.substr(post1,post2);

        alert(dom1+' + '+dom2);
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