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I have an uml diagram made with Topcased 5.2. The uml contains Class diagram and Activity Diagram. I wrote a template that accepts as parameter Class type in order to generate java classes.

The java classes were generated but in addition my method get executed for Activity node. How can I prevent execution of Activity node?

Following my template:

[template public generateEntity(c : Class)]
[comment @main /]
[file (c.getEntityFullPathFile().trim(), false)]

Thanks for your help

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Please have a look at the UML metamodel (File > import > select "plugins and fragments", click 'next' then search for 'org.eclipse.uml2.uml', select it and 'Finish' the wizard). In there, you will see that an Activity is a Class (Activity inherits from Behavior which inherits from Class). That's all Acceleo 'sees'.

If you wish to generate your code for all Classes save for Activities, you can use a guard :

[template public generateEntity(c : Class) ? (not c.oclIsKindOf(Activity))]
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thank you very much this is very helpful ! – HJAB Nov 19 '12 at 9:55

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