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I just loaded jQuery Tools onto my site. But the Google Chrome console shows an error:

Uncaught Error: Syntax error, unrecognized expression: [href=/] (http://cdn.jquerytools.org/1.2.7/full/jquery.tools.min.js)

The jQuery version I am using is 1.7.1

How to deal with this problem?

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Post the part of your HTML code where you load jquery. –  Burhan Khalid Nov 18 '12 at 9:30

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I'm assuming you have a selector that is meant to match elements with an href attribute value of /. You will need to put the / character in quotes:

var elems = $("[href='/']");

Alternatively, you can escape the character:

var elems = $("[href=\\/]");

From the jQuery docs:

If you wish to use any of the meta-characters ( such as !"#$%&'()*+,./:;<=>?@[\]^{|}~` ) as a literal part of a name, you must escape the character with two backslashes: \\.

Here's a working example. Remove the quotes to generate the same error you mention in your question.

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I'll take a closer look at it. But it's strange because I have plenty of other scripts on this site and never had this error. And it appeared just after adding JQuery Tools. I don't even use it, just loaded. –  camcam Nov 18 '12 at 10:33
My comment above is wrong. After deleting JQuery Tools, the error now occurrs in JQuery itself. So I just didn't notice it before. –  camcam Nov 18 '12 at 10:46
All is clear. It was actually an error in one of the other scripts that I am using on this site, and it's exactly using href=/ without quotes. Thanks for the tip. (My fault I didn't look at the call stack for this error in Chrome, it would be quicker to find) –  camcam Nov 18 '12 at 11:05
@camcam - You're welcome, glad you got it sorted :) –  James Allardice Nov 18 '12 at 11:23

My guess is that you changed the order of the libraries. If you want to use JQuery, its lib has to be loaded first to use an additional JQuery-Expansion-Lib. You should change the order in the <head> like this:

  <link rel="stylesheet" type="text/css" href="formate.css"> //CSS always first
  <script src="URL_TO_JQUERY" type="text/javascript"></script> //JQuery first
  <script src="URL_TO_ADDITIONAL_LIB_1" type="text/javascript"></script>
  <script src="URL_TO_ADDITIONAL_LIB_..." type="text/javascript"></script>
  <script src="URL_TO_ADDITIONAL_LIB_n" type="text/javascript"></script>   
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