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I am working on a proprietary tool which uses a C++-like language to define various methods. The tool provides its own compiler to compile these methods into a .so file. It does not follow the "declaration-definition" syntax of C++, but is otherwise quite similar. An example code looks like the following:

method _foo::bar(var message) {
    // do something with 'message' here

I tried documenting this method using doxygen as follows:

  * @brief this method does something with @a message.
method _foo::bar(var message) {
    // do something with 'message' here

but this gave me a warning:

warning: documented function `method _foo::bar' was not declared or defined.

I tried with adding @fn method _foo::bar(), @fn _foo::bar, and @fn bar to the comment block (one by one), but neither of them resulted in the @brief message being added to the document.

I have searched here on Stack Overflow, and this post Doxygen comments with undeclared functions in C++ headers is the closest to my question, but it doesn't quite address my problem.

Is there any way to configure doxygen to generate documentation for a function regardless of the fact that it is undeclared?

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How much is the Doxygen preprocessor seeing at all in your code? If you set EXTRACT_ALL to YES do you get any sort of outline of your code? If not, then you may need a custom preprocessor for this language. – Denise Skidmore Mar 22 '13 at 14:04

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