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I'm trying to create a Game Menu which contains some Menu Items like

  1. New Game
  2. Multiplayer
  3. Options
  4. Exit

I want to make this Menu Items Transparent. Only Text in White color should be visible.
So i guess i do not need any background image for Menu Items.

I have seen examples of SpriteButton like given below.

ButtonSprite playButton = new ButtonSprite(0, 0, btnNormalTextureRegion, btnPushedTextureRegion, this.getVertexBufferObjectManager(), new OnClickListener() {
    public boolean onAreaTouched(TouchEvent pSceneTouchEvent, float pTouchAreaLocalX, float pTouchAreaLocalY) {
        // Do Stuff here

The thing which i don't understand is how can i initialize btnNormalTextureRegion?
I use the code give below to initialize ITexture and ITextureRegion for objects.

mBackgruondTexture = new BitmapTexture(activity.getTextureManager(), new IInputStreamOpener() {
                public InputStream open() throws IOException {
                    return activity.getAssets().open("gfx/backgrounds/greenbg.jpg");                
mBackgruondTextureRegion = TextureRegionFactory.extractFromTexture(mBackgruondTexture);

This code openes up an Image from assest.
As i do not want to use any image for Menu Item How can i initialize btnNormalTextureRegion for SpriteButton.


Is there any alternative to create Game Menu?

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In my opinion, an easier alternative would be creating a scene with Text objects for each menu item. That's the approach I'm using in one of my game. I uploaded the class to pastebin, see it here.

Unless you want the menu items to be sprites themselves (That is, pictures and not just plain text) this is a great way to implement a menu.

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Yeahh thats's great !! THanks for it. Mean while i came across MenuItem class. which is a quite similar. –  Chaitanya Chandurkar Nov 19 '12 at 7:06
Yea, there's also a MenuScene class. I remember investigating this class, but ultimately I chose to create my own menu scene class, I don't remember why though :) –  Jong Nov 19 '12 at 14:47

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