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I try to write a method whose task would be to return only selected elements of the collection of items associated with a particular entity.

 * @ORM\OneToMany(targetEntity="PlayerStats", mappedBy="summoner")
 * @ORM\OrderBy({"player_stat_summary_type" = "ASC"})
protected $player_stats;

public function getPlayerStatsBySummaryType($summary_type)
    if ($this->player_stats->count() != 0) {
        $criteria = Criteria::create()
            ->where(Criteria::expr()->eq("player_stat_summary_type", $summary_type));

        return $this->player_stats->matching($criteria)->first();

    return null;

but i get error:

PHP Fatal error:  Cannot access protected property Ranking\CoreBundle\Entity\PlayerStats::$player_stat_summary_type in /Users/piotrkowalczuk/Sites/lolranking/vendor/doctrine/common/lib/Doctrine/Common/Collections/Expr/ClosureExpressionVisitor.php on line 53

any idea how to fix this?

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Fixed. It should be that way:

    $criteria = Criteria::create()
        ->where(Criteria::expr()->eq("playerStatSummaryType", $summary_type));

but was:

    $criteria = Criteria::create()
        ->where(Criteria::expr()->eq("player_stat_summary_type", $summary_type));
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Provide a getter for $player_stat_summary_type property in Ranking\CoreBundle\Entity\PlayerStats class.

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Ensure that PlyerStats entity has getPlayerStatSummaryType() public method. It's being used by the @ORM\OrderBy annotation and (I suppose) by you custom criteria inside getPlayerStatsBySummaryType().

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