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Already tried many ways: pkgbuild, productbuild, PackageMaker, Packages application...

The structure of the flat package that I want to build:

Distribution - xml script
MacBookPro2011EFIUpdate.pkg - flat package
Resources - resources folder, contains language localizations

Flat package information:

id="com.apple.pkg.MacBookPro2011EFIUpdate" version=""

For example, my failure with productbuild:

productbuild: error: Cannot copy package "MacBookPro2011EFIUpdate.pkg" into product.
(Bundle-style package "MacBookPro2011EFIUpdate.pkg" is not supported.)

Please, try to build the installer package from these files: Link
And, if you succeed, please tell how you did that!

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The correct command to use is indeed productbuild, but it does only work on Flat packages, as the error indicates. And your MacBookPro2011EFIUpdate.pkg is a Bundle-style package: easy to tell the difference in that Bundle-style packages are a directory, where as Flat packages are a xar archive.

To get what you want, first convert the Bundle-style package into a Flat package:
pkgutil --flatten MacBookPro2011EFIUpdate.pkg FlatMacBookPro2011EFIUpdate.pkg

Then generate a new distribution file that uses this new Flat package:
productbuild --package FlatMacBookPro2011EFIUpdate.pkg --synthesize newdist.dist

Copy your scripts and resource entries from your Distribution file into newdist.dist. Then build your final package:
productbuild --resources Resources/ --distribution newdist.dist MyCoolPackage.pkg

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