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We use a software which uses Sql server 2005 as back-end.

The problem is we have data coming in access file and we need to store it in sql server tables.

I have the sql server tables ready.

I don't need all the data i get in MDB access file but need specific columns from access and then store it in SQL server.

I get fresh access tables every week and need to migrate it to tables in SQL Server.

What is the best way to do this?

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Set up an SSIS package to do this

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Assuming you can use Access as a client interface, you could open 2 connections:

  • An ADODB or ODBC connection to the Access database
  • An ADODB or ODBC connection to the SQL server

You'll open a recordset on each connection, then browse the Access Database Recordset to fill the SQL server recordset with code such as:

Do while not rsACCESS.eof
    For each rsField in rsACCESS.field
        rsSQL.fields(rsField.name) = rsField
    Next rsField

Of course you'll have to make sure that your rsSQl recordset is updatable and so on ...

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SSMA will do this a well. You can setup a job and save it to easily run it again.


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