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In my future projects need to build plenty of bots and crawlers fmor the websites. I need to simulate the user login across multiple sites with ajax login form and then fill some forms and perform some actions.

I have started learning Scrapy but i also need to know what else libraries i need to use for bots and crawlers. I am confused do i need the following

Mechanize, BeautifulSoup , Pyparsing , UrlLib etc

Or Scrapy alone is enough. i need to know if combiing SCrapy with Beautifulsoup is good option

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Try searching Google on articles on the subject, as they describe which libraries you'll need for making webbots. Scrapy is a good one, but Mechanize, BeautifulSoup , Pyparsing , UrlLib, PycURL are also very useful for that (especially Mechanize). Here are some articles on the subject in which various libraries are used:





You should study them all just to see if one library is better suited for your job than the other.

Regards, Hiawatha.

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I took this excellent course form Udacity where we created a Search Engine and the only library we needed to import was urllib to open the urls.

If you are starting with Python I really suggest you to take the course.

The course is permanently open so you can enroll and look the code whenever you want.

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