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Bootstrap-alert plugin works really strange. I have following haml structure:

    %p Hi there!

And some coffee:

jQuery ->
  $('.flashes').on 'click', '.message', ->

Pretty simple. I expect that calling alert('close') will dismiss only clicked .message element. But plugin closes entire .flashes block. Can't figure out, what's wrong with it. Anyone?

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Apparently $(x).alert('close') expects x to be a close button – not the actual alert box – so it closes x's parent element. For example, give this HTML:

<div class="flashes">
    <div class="message fade in">
        <p>Hi <span>there!</span></p>
        <p>Where is pancakes house?</p>

and this CoffeeScript:

$('.flashes').on 'click', '.message', ->

a click will close the first <p> and leave .flashes, .message, and the second <p> alone.


But if you change the CoffeeScript to .alert('close') on the the first child:

$('.flashes').on 'click', '.message', ->

then you should get the results you're expecting.


I don't see anywhere that you're wrapping anything in an alert (i.e. $(x).alert()) so perhaps you're just abusing .alert('close') for and should be using a simple manual .fadeOut call:

$('.flashes').on 'click', '.message', ->


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Great, thanks a lot! – Alexaner Tipugin Nov 19 '12 at 20:37

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