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I'm trying to make a C++ program to read a password. I made the program to cout *, not the characters I write but my problem is when I want to delete character because they're wrong.
Example: My constant password is 12345
If I enter 1235 the program will show **** and I have to delete the last character. It's simple to remove it from the string but I want the last * to disappear from the console just as it happens when you introduce you windows password.
Is it possible? If it is, can someone explain how?

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Outputting the backspace character '\b' may help to move the output point back.

Specifically, outputting the string "\b \b" should blank out the last character output.

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thanks it works –  Victor Laurentiu Nov 18 '12 at 13:07

Try backspace \b or erase the whole line and print it again.

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Sipmly write the '\b' character to stdout std::cout>>"\b" if you'r with cpp or printf("\b") if you'r using pure c

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