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ObjectContainer oc; Info(1)); Info(2)); Info(3));

List<Info> list=oc.query(Info.class);

The list is:

  • Info(1)
  • Info(2)
  • Info(3)

How to get the list like:

  • Info(3)
  • Info(2)
  • Info(1)

Is there any native method in db4o?

Collections.reverse(list) throws java.lang.UnsupportedOperationException.

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You can achieve this by Building SODA Queries. Build your qury like

ObjectContainer oc = Db4o.openFile("mydb.yap");
Query query = oc.query();
ObjectSet<Info> resultSet = query.execute(); 
// ResultSet would be order desending by id
    Info info  =;
    info.getId() ;
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