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Part of a query I am not getting; what are these inner joins doing?

i have table speeldatum that have all data, in my project.below query are changing value of rownum column,how i do not understand. without having inner joins in query, rownum column have value of zero ,i have not proper understanding of mysql user defined vriable in query.

...., rownum 0 ....

..., rownum 1, ...
..., rownum 2, ...

 from speeldatums  as t 
    inner join (select @rownum:=0) as r
    inner join (select @prev:="") as r2
    inner join (select @prevdatum:="") as r3**

complete query:

'create temporary table rr_prepare ( rownum INT NOT NULL, datum_unix 
   INT(11) NULL, categorie VARCHAR(20) NOT NULL, entry_id INT NOT NULL,

   INDEX(rownum), INDEX(datum_unix), INDEX(categorie), INDEX(entry_id) )

   select t.*, @rownum:=if(@prev=t.categorie and
   @prevdatum=t.datum,@rownum+1,0) as rownum, @prev:=t.categorie as
   prevcategorie, @prevdatum:=t.datum as prevdatum

   from speeldatums  as t  inner join (select @rownum:=0) as r 
  inner join (select @prev:="") as r2 
  inner join (select @prevdatum:="") as r3 ';
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what would you like to achieve? –  John Woo Nov 18 '12 at 13:52
And what exactly is your question? –  a_horse_with_no_name Nov 18 '12 at 14:05
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1 Answer

The joins are introducing some variables and initializing them in the query.

You could also do that seperately in 2 queries:

set @rownum:=0;
select @rownum := rownum + 1, .... ;

But if you want to run only one query you can declare and init a variable on-the-fly in your query with a subselect

... inner join (select @rownum:=0) r ...
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