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To run my application i use the command

    java -jar "/home/stelios/NetBeansProjects/Askisi1/dist/Askisi1.jar"

However while i have the file in this directory


it runs normally in netbeans but when i try to run it from the terminal it produces this error (No such file or directory)
    at Method)
    at askisi1.MainThread.main(

What should be the correct location for my properties file?

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When you run you program from terminal your current folder becomes default folder for java app. So if you want your app to see you either need it to copy to current folder to go to /home/stelios/NetbeansProjects/Askisi1/ and run app from there.

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Is there an alternative so i can save the properties file somewhere e.g /src/ so i dont have to go to the current folder to run it? –  Stelios Savva Nov 18 '12 at 14:18
I don't know :( –  Nikita Beloglazov Nov 18 '12 at 14:38

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